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Recently, I've taken notice of how much plastic I use. I'm sure you can imagine it was A LOT more than I thought. There is so much unnecessary plastic used in our products - especially our groceries. Here is a cheesy example: I bought some slices of Munster Cheese at my local Kroger. The slices were in a thicker plastic packaging that had a tear-off for opening, and then each slice was separated by a thin place of wax paper. Think of how much less plastic and more cheese I could have used if I had bought a block and sliced it myself. Our overproduction of plastic is a product of laziness. Sometimes to work smarter, it means rolling up your sleeves and working a little harder.

Maria Koijck and her team in the Netherlands went to 16 local grocers and started a movement (video below). People would take the items they buy at the stores, remove all the packaging and leave it at the facility to show just how much plastic we use in a short period of time.

Plastic Attack

Wow. The power of consumers saying no to plastic. Because of this action Maria Koijck and her team met with 16 supermarkets in her city to discuss how to solve the problem of uselss plastic packaging. We say thank you Maria xx and thankyou for sharing this video with us.

Posted by 1 Million Women on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Getting a team together like this is a great way to show awareness and lessen your plastic intake but can take some effort gathering your team and getting businesses on board. So what can you do to help? Here are some simple ways that I have reduced plastic in my life:

      • Bring reusable grocery bags - usually about $1 at the grocery store.
        • Leave your bags in the car so you never forget them (I'm 100% guilty of that).
      • Do not use the small plastic bags for produce.
        • Use a reusable bag or bring a basket. I mean, you're going to wash your produce anyways (I hope, but that's another post).
      • Switch from chips or other bagged items to snacks in bulk* like plantain chips, trail mix, etc.
        • *Bulk as in those awesome mix & snack isles that you can fill a mason jar (or another reusable container) with.
      • Ladies - Switch to a Diva Cup (I will write a post about this later so fellas beware).
      • Buy deli items instead of prepackaged meat/fish/etc.
        • The product is fresher and hey, mother nature will thank you!

So get out there, spread the word, and use less waste, plastic avengers!

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