A logo is a visual representation of the feel of your business. You want to be professional, yet keep it within the scope of your business.

When designing logos, I like to get to know the people and the business I'm designing for. Once my client and I have a good direction and agree on a price, I will give a set number of logo options. I never expect my art to be 100% what the client needs (bonus if they do) and always want to edit to their liking. To finish up the process, I supply my clients' with a logo packet which consists of any typeface used in the logo as well as any color inverses, or file types that may be needed. Please Contact me for logo services.

Below are examples of logo work I've done:


The Golden Fawn was hired to design a logo for a new brewery in Hartford, SD. These clients wanted something modern with a Midwestern feel as well as the style of the National Parks sign. None of these logos will be used professional due to a name change (see below).


This set of logos were created for the owners of Buffalo Ridge Brewing Project (formally known as Bent Barrel Brewing Co). These logos were updated from the original set to include the buffalo into the logo while staying both modern & rustic. This logo set is currently owned by The Golden Fawn as the owners have not yet picked the winner.

Buffalo Ridge Logo 2
Buffalo Ridge Logo 4
Buffalo Ridge Logo 1


These logos were created for a group of ladies starting a natural cleaning business. They initially wanted to stay literal to their name with a green color scheme. They then decided to update the look with a more modern feel with a color palette they liked. The last image is the logo that was chosen.