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Leather Daddy Ritual Room Spray

Leather Daddy Ritual Room Spray

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Our Intention-Setting Room Sprays are a flame-free alternative for setting the vibes in your space. Each Spray comes in our signature blue glass apothecary bottle, with a black atomizer top to effortlessly carry the fragrance throughout your home. They are perfect for setting the mood in your space anytime or for preparing an area for ritual work.

Leather Daddy - Leather & Sandalwood - For Being Your Own Daddy

Ceremonial Properties:

Leather - Leather, whether clothing or armor, has been used as protection for centuries. By wearing the skin of an animal, you are symbolically taking on its power and strength. Its scent inspires lust, personal power, and a grounding connection to the Earth for when you need a little extra oomph.

Sandalwood - The Aroma of sandalwood creates a sensual atmosphere and is said to promote spiritual healing. It has been used as a holy incense for centuries. It is high-vibrational and Ideal for devotional magic and turning one's attention to the divine realms.


Our Room Sprays are made with organic alcohol and a natural and sustainable wildcrafted witch hazel base. Each diffuser contains 3.5oz of fluid in a glass bottle with a spray top.

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