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Golden Hour Intention-Setting Reed Diffuser

Golden Hour Intention-Setting Reed Diffuser

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Our Intention Setting Reed Diffusers are a flame-free alternative for setting the vibes in your space. Each diffuser comes in our signature blue glass apothecary bottle, with black fiber diffuser reeds to effortlessly carry the fragrance throughout your home.

Golden Hour - Orange Blossom & Vetiver - For New Beginnings and Focus

Aromatherapeutic properties: 

Orange Blossom - Orange Blossom has been used for centuries to promote mental relaxation and treat anxiety and insomnia. For calling sweetness into your life, it also uplifts the spirit and eases psychological setbacks and sadness. 

Vetiver - Vetiver has long been prized as a sacred herb and called the "oil of tranquility." Spiritually grounding, it helps maintain clarity of the mind and aids in concentration.

Our Diffusers are made with an Eco-base solution that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of phthalates. Each diffuser contains 3.5oz of fluid in a blue glass bottle, and 6 10" black diffuser reeds.

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