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Ritual Bath Salts - Moon Bathing

Ritual Bath Salts - Moon Bathing

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A relaxing and indulgent celestial bath soak. Let Lunar Bathing bring lightness and a happy feeling as it assists in releasing repressed emotions. Fragrant jasmine oil, a known aphrodisiac, helps to dispel fear, guilt, and emotional blocks, while calming lavender and soothing milky oats help nourish and calm frayed nerves. A beautiful and restorative ritual for any moon phase featuring notes of jasmine, holy basil, and lavender.

The Ritual: Add a handful or about one cup to the bath just prior to entering the tub or while already inside. If you do not wish to have plant materials loose in your tub, you may use the bath salts in a muslin, silk, or tea bag. No tub? Try using the bath salts for a luxurious foot soak.

Ingredients: sea salt, activated charcoal, dendritic salt, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers, oat tops, and an essential oil blend

16 oz in a clear glass jar with a lid.

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