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Witchcraft: The Old Religion - Soft Cover

Witchcraft: The Old Religion - Soft Cover

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Witchcraft: The Old Religion, by Dr. Leo Louis Martello, is a rare example of a vintage text written from the point of view of a practicing initiated. Dr. Leo Louis Martello writes about the roots of the Old Religion as practiced today by witches of many different traditions. He shows the differences between true Witches, Old Religionists, Pop Witches, Christian-defined Witches and Satanists.

Dr. Martello is an initiated Witch and elder in three other witch traditions besides his own. His views as both theorist and activist have often been controversial. He is founder of the Witches Liberation Movement, director of WICA (Witches International Craft Associates) and the Witches Anti-Defamation League.

Used, Good condition with some wear due to age.

Published 1975. Soft cover, 287 pages. 

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